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We are currently working on 24 item descriptions in 15 categories.

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Maker Faire / Scratch holograms

We will be displaying some items from the museum and making scratch holograms at Maker Faire in Austin on October 18-19, 2008. Come see us there!

Ford Model T

In September 2008, we added a nicely restored 1927 Ford Model T to our collection. It is not yet on display. More information and photos to come.

Item descriptions

A few of the more interesting items in our collection:

Wurlitzer jukebox

Come hear the authentic sound of the 1950s on our original Wurlitzer jukebox--restored to working condition.

VariEze aircraft display

On June 6, 2006 the Rutan VariEze aircraft was installed in front of the museum on top of a 10-foot pole, as if in flight.

Grand opening

Our official Grand Opening ceremony was held on October 7, 2005.

Nerd Nite

The first Nerd Nite party was held at the museum on October 5, 2006.